CSR1010A05- IQQM-R

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Art.Nr. CSR1010A05- IQQM-R


CSR1010A05- IQQM-R

Verpackungseinheit: 2000 Stück

•Bluetooth® v4.1 specification compliant
•Bluetooth Smart
•128KB memory: 64KB RAM and 64KB ROM
•Support for Bluetooth v4.1 specification host stack
including ATT, GATT, SMP, L2CAP, GAP
•RSSI monitoring for proximity applications
•<900nA current consumption in dormant mode
•32kHz and 16MHz crystal or system clock
•Switch-mode power supply
•Programmable general purpose PIO controller
•10-bit ADC
•12 digital PIOs
•3 analogue AIOs
•I²C / SPI for EEPROM / flash memory ICs and
•Debug SPI
•4 PWM modules
•Wake-up interrupt and watchdog timer
•QFN 32-lead, 5 x 5 x 0.6mm, 0.5mm pitch